CO2 and forests, is deforestation the major cause of global warming?

I’m looking for someone to review a couple of informal papers that I wrote.  I would be happy to pay for some decent criticism!  You will need some math.  Here’s a link to the first one, about the causes of CO2 accumulation and global warming:

CO2 and Forests – deforestation compared to human emissions as a cause of global warming

In summary, the 50% of Earth’s forests that have been destroyed by people, and the grassland that has become desert, might have absorbed 21.5 GT / year of CO2 (in addition to what is absorbed by that land now).  This is more than the 13 GT / year of CO2 that is accumulating due to human emissions.

The remaining forests are able to absorb 1/2 of current human CO2 emissions.  The forests and other lands we have destroyed, if restored, would be able to absorb all our emissions and an additional 30% more CO2.  If we stopped 50% or more of our emissions, the remaining forests would cope.

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