qemu on an Eee PC

Yes, an Eee PC can run 10 operating systems in parallel!

I installed qemu 0.11.1 with kqemu 1.4.0 on my Eee PC 900 (1Ghz/1GB running Linux), using an external hard-disk for storage.  I was able to get the following operating systems running with very little difficulty:

OpenBSD NetBSD FreeBSD DragonFlyBSD Debian GNU/Linux Windows XP Mac OS X Haiku

Eee PC with qemu running 10 operating systems

I am able to provide a torrent containing all of the free OS images, with the shell scripts I wrote.  This may be useful to other people who would like to test the portability of their programs.

Please read the full story here if you’re also interested in qemu.

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2 Responses to qemu on an Eee PC

  1. eric says:

    it’s really impressive that you were able to run that many os on an eee pc. i’ve heard of qemu before but i don’t know how to use it. it would be nice if you can point me to some online resources to perhaps a beginners guide to qemu.

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