The N900 ‘super phone’

The N900, coming as it does with a xterm, permission to use the root account, and no need to jail-break it, is quite unlike its poor rival the Apple iPhone, on which you are not allowed to run Flash or any other interesting language / interpreter / translator.  I want to know, what does apple stand to gain by alienating 3/4 of the world’s coders?  One thing they have lost is my support – I’ll never buy a computer or phone if I’m not allowed to hack it in the language of my choice (brace).

new phones, versus the Nokia N900

Please read my lightly commercial article, about what a hotted-up N900+ can do!

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1 Response to The N900 ‘super phone’

  1. سید رضا میرخاندوزی says:

    This Mobile Is Very NICE

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