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android security model is inadequate, and it needs a firewall

I have an Android phone, and while it’s good that Android does have some sandboxing, permissions and security against rogue apps, I’m not very happy with the security model and how it appears to be abused in the Android Market. … Continue reading

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Islam is getting too much undeserved bad press, and I don’t like that.

Muslims like most other people love peace and are easy to get along with.  I know this, because although I am not a Muslim, I live in an area of Australia (Coburg) where there are many Muslim people.  They are … Continue reading

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getting rid of cancer

I think the best way to defeat cancer is by fasting or dieting.  Cancer needs lots of energy and protein to maintain itself and to grow.  If you starve yourself a bit, the cancer suffers much more than you do. … Continue reading

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Petitions, Surveys and Voting

To get a good idea of what people want, you need to conduct a survey of at least 100 people chosen at random or without much bias (or of everyone in the population).  You can’t just hope that a representative … Continue reading

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