Islam is getting too much undeserved bad press, and I don’t like that.

Muslims like most other people love peace and are easy to get along with.  I know this, because although I am not a Muslim, I live in an area of Australia (Coburg) where there are many Muslim people.  They are nice friendly people, and they make great kebabs and pizza!

People who think that Muslim and non-Muslim people can’t get along should come and visit us in Coburg or a similar place, and get a dose of reality.

It’s when you oppress, invade and wage war against other countries that you are likely to get attacked by a “terrorist”.

This has nothing to do with religion.  If Israel oppresses Palestine and wages war against it, Israel is likely to be attacked.  If the USA oppresses poor countries with crippling usury and debt, and wages war against Arab countries to steal their oil, the USA is likely to be attacked.

The best defence is to be nice to people, while not allowing them to hurt or exploit you.  It is especially important to be gentle and not to overreact.  This is a common principle in Judaism and Islam – do not overreact.  ‘A tooth for a tooth’ is the limit of just retaliation, it is not allowed to take a life for a tooth, or ten lives for one life.

In the 9/11 attacks about 3,000 people died.  The USA’s reaction to 9/11 has destroyed many more lives in Afghanistan and Iraq, at least 100 times as many, including at least 10 times as many Americans.  Also, the countries attacked by the USA did not have anything to do with the 9/11 attack on the USA.

I believe the USA used 9/11 as an excuse to attack these countries, primarily to steal oil, and because that idiot president’s family is involved in weapons manufacture.

Fair trade, forgiveness of debt, and friendly conduct are the best insurance against “terrorist” attack.

peaceful multi-cultural
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14 Responses to Islam is getting too much undeserved bad press, and I don’t like that.

  1. Peace with all says:

    It might be good to read a few websites on both sides of this debate – there are extremists on all sides.

    The problem is that the Koran calls for militant conversion of unbelievers to follow Allah their God. While followers of other religions have also murdered in the name of religion, no other religious book calls for such extreme action. This will be a contentious point between Islam and Western society – devout followers of Islam are called to convert the world to Islam, by force if necessary, so I don’t think they’ll ever be able coexist peacefully with non-muslims – which is a huge shame.

    • S.H says:

      As a matter of fact fellow ‘Peace with all’, under no context does the Quran state that unbelievers are to be forced to commit to Islam through ‘millitant conversion’. Islam encourages peace and unity, without being compelled or forced to join the religion. And yes, I agree that it is a huge shame that muslims and non-muslims are unable to coexist. Perhaps it’s due to the ‘millitant’ fascist groups, such as the EDL, who encourage conflict and clashes between religions today.

  2. sswam says:

    I’ve read the whole Quran (in a good translation), and it really doesn’t say that at all. I live in Coburg, there are many, many peaceful Muslim people living here, including very devout people. They are friendly, not violent, and they don’t appear to be trying to convert people. I am not aware of any trouble between Muslims and others that has occurred here.

    [5:87] O you who believe, do not prohibit good things that are made lawful by GOD, and do not aggress; GOD dislikes the aggressors.

    The rest of the Quran is consistent with this, nowhere does it say to initiate violence against anyone, only that it is just to retaliate with equivalent retaliation. Much of the Quran was written during war, and it talks about war. If people who call themselves Muslim actually do attack others unjustly, no one can blame the Quran for this.

    • Anony Mouse says:

      You say “Much of the Quran was written during war, and it talks about war.”

      Do you know about the life the Islam’s prophet? That at the start of his career as a prophet he was a peaceful preacher and that as he gained followers and power he became more and more belligerent? In particular he was belligerent towards people who refused to discard their existing religion and convert to Islam. It was this that caused most of the conflict between the early Muslims and non-Muslims. The Muslims used these conflicts to claim they were being attacked and needed to defend themselves.

      It should also be noted that after the death of the prophet Muslims invaded and conquered all of the north of Africa, most of the Iberian peninsular (current Spain and Portugal), east across to northern India and north as far as France and Austria. This expansion was not peaceful expansion through proselytizing but through invasion, conquest and subjugation of existing populations. With that subjugation the existing cultures and religions were extinguished.

      Yes Muslims in Australia are peaceful, but look at majority Muslims countries like Egypt and Indonesia. A small minority of Muslims in those countries cause significant troubles for non-Muslims:

      The real problem is that the authorities in those countries do very little to protect non-Muslim minorities.

      Religion of peace? No, I don’t think so!

      Mr Mouse

      • sswam says:

        Have you heard of the Christian “Crusades”?

        “St. Bernard of Clairvaux, who in his preachings had encouraged the Second Crusade, was upset with the amount of misdirected violence and slaughter of the Jewish population of the Rhineland.”

        How about the wars against Afghanistan and Iraq? These are contemporary examples of unjust invasion and mass murder committed by non-Muslims against Muslims.

  3. sswam says:

    Some asked here, “What is the best way to defeat terrroism?”

    I wrote:

    Don’t be nasty to people, then no one will want to hurt you or commit terrorism against your country. E.g. don’t do any of the following:

    1. Don’t lend money at high interest to another country, then demand repayments at the expense of poor people who are starving.
    2. Don’t impose economic sanctions that lead to millions of people dying including millions of children
    3. Don’t invade, bomb or make war against other countries without equivalent provocation. Points 1 and 2 mention acts of equivalent provocation.
    4. Don’t steal land and sovereignty from another country or people.
    5. Especially, do not over-retaliate. The limit of just retaliation is an equivalent response (it’s an eye for an eye, NOT a life for an eye, nor 100 lives for one life).

    If the USA and other countries would follow these simple rules, and perhaps make an effort to help and be friendly to other countries, I think ‘terrorism’ would no longer exist as a major threat.

    • Anony Mouse says:

      So how do you explain the problems non-Muslims have in majority Muslim countries like Egypt, Pakistan, Iran and Indonesia? Have those non-Muslims not been nice to the Muslim majority?

      • sswam says:

        You said “A small minority of Muslims in those countries cause significant troubles for non-Muslims”, well a small minority of non-muslims cause significant troubles for Muslims in many countries too. Some people will make trouble, that’s for sure. I’d rather concentrate on the good and peaceful aspects, not on corruptions and trouble.

  4. Anony Mouse says:

    > Have you heard of the Christian “Crusades”?

    Yes, do you know the facts behind those crusades in the (so-called) holy land?

    The facts are that the crusades we about the city of Jerusalem, the birthplace of Christ. The crusades were about capturing and holding that city and the immediate surrounding area. The crusades lasted less than 200 years.

    The Muslim occupation of the Iberian peninsula was a land grab for nearly the whole of that peninsula and the occupation lasted 700 years. The current dispute over the Ayodhya mosque (built on top of a pre-existing Hindu temple) is a result of the Muslim occupation of much of the north of India from the 12th century until the British arrived in the 18th. Problems between Christians and Muslims in the Balkans are to a large part a result of the Muslim invasion of that area in the 8th century.

    As for crusades against Jews in Europe 900 years ago, why do you think the Jews were in Europe? Because they had been driven out of north Africa by the rise of Islam in that area.

    As for Iraq, wasn’t it Saddam Hussein who invaded Kuwait which was a US ally? He should have probably been removed from power after the first Gulf War. Remember that in the cases of say Germany and Japan invading other countries, their leaders were all removed after they were defeated. Why wasn’t Saddam Hussein removed after the first Gulf War. Removing him then would have prevented the sanctions which were put in place to try to make him comply with the peace treaty that left him in power.

    I will however agree, that the handling of both Afghanistan and Iraq after the second gulf war has been woeful.

    As for “don’t be nasty to people”, have you ever worked for a sociopathic manager? How did “don’t be nasty” work out with your dealings with them? Did “don’t be nasty” make them any better?

    Finally, in majority Muslim countries like Egypt, Pakistan, Iran and Indonesia, the authorities should be keeping their non-Muslim minorities safe. The problem is that they are at a minimum turning a blind eye to persecution and in some cases quietly encouraging it.

    The most important thing to realise about the difference between Christianity and Islam (as an atheist I have little love of either) is that Christianity has under gone numerous stages of modernisation, where the more ridiculous parts of the religion were discarded. In the 7th century, Islam may have been progress in comparison to Christianity but now in the 21st centurt Islam is almost completely unchanged since the 7th century.


  5. sswam says:

    It seems to me that you are trying to make trouble against Islam for no good reason. Every country and community has a long history of driving out and destroying other communities, also known as genocide. For example, the ‘Christian’ English and Spanish invasions of America and Australia.

    I doubt you have ever been to Egypt or any of the countries you are slandering. I suppose your information is based on anti-Muslim propaganda. The mass media collect the worst news from around the world; and especially that news that shows Islam in a bad light. If you actually go to a Muslim country, you might find that the situation is not so bad, and that the people are quite normal.

    “I will however agree, that the handling of both Afghanistan and Iraq after the second gulf war has been woeful.”

    It’s nice that we seem to agree about something.

  6. sswam says:

    By the way, I do agree that SOME ‘Muslims’ have lost the plot on some aspects of their religion, just like SOME ‘Chrisitans’, etc. The most important manifestations of a religion to me are peace and justice.

    I believe from observation that in this day, people who call themselves ‘Muslim’ are much more peaceful en-masse than the people who identify as ‘Chrisitian’. Perhaps this is mainly because they don’t have the big guns.

  7. Anony Mouse says:

    Slandering? Don’t you mean libel? The legal definition of slander is for spoken comments while slanderous comments which written down are labeled libel.

    However, for both slander and libel, the comments need to be proved to be false and malicious intent needs to be proved. I feel pretty confident that you would be able to prove anything I have written to be false let alone to be written with malicious intent, just as I would be stupid to label your comments about English and Spanish invasions as libelous (or slanderous).

    Then you charge me with anti-Muslim propaganda. That’s whats called playing the man instead of the ball. Its frowned upon in football as well as debating.

  8. Anony Mouse says:

    Here is something to back up my claims of state sponsored harrasment of non-Muslims in Egypt:

    Yes, it the Assyrian news agency. The Assyrians lived in North Africa for hundreds of years before the birth of Islam’s prophet.

  9. sswam says:

    I’m not going to approve any more negative comments here, so Anony Mouse, you may stop sending them! They won’t be published in any case.

    My intention was to promote peace and understanding between religions, not to pick over the world’s news looking for the worst examples of violence and stupidity between people subscribing to different religions. How can that help to bring peace? And if you’re not interested in peace, what do you want to achieve? Are you just a trouble-maker?

    You should be able to tell the difference between a true, peaceful Muslim and a corrupt, lunatic killer. You should be able to tell the difference between a true, peaceful Christian and a corrupt, lunatic killer. Both of the religions in their true form promote peace, and discourage war and violence. They are both good religions, in the uncorrupted form, and are highly compatible. If people around the world have different stupid false desires or traditions that do encourage war, violence or cruelty, I don’t hold any of the good religions to blame for that.

    I can find hundreds of examples each day of people who were supposedly Christian and did something evil. To do so would be pointless and harmful. But the news media is not doing this, it is looking for hundreds of examples each day of people who were supposedly Muslim and did something evil.

    The controllers of the news media are doing this with a particular purpose in mind – to inculcate hatred of Muslim peoples and countries, so that future wars against such countries might be less unpalatable to the masses.

    People who comment on my blog post, and offer more examples of news reports about the evils done by Muslims, they are only supporting my point.

    They are demonstrating that they have been brainwashed by the news media. They are showing that they have little understanding of the difference between reality and what is selectively reported and elaborated in the news. They are giving examples of this selective reporting. They confirm my opinon that the mass media rarely says anything nice about Muslims, although there is a huge amount of nice things that could be said.

    As for reality, Muslim peoples are like most other peoples in the main agreeable and easy to get along with. Like other peoples there are some exceptions. If anything I think Muslims are a bit better than usual because they have a strong focus on God, religion and morality.

    Quoting an endless stream of bad news will not convince me otherwise, it just deepens my disregard for such stupid news reporting.

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