getting rid of cancer

I think the best way to defeat cancer is by fasting or dieting.  Cancer needs lots of energy and protein to maintain itself and to grow.  If you starve yourself a bit, the cancer suffers much more than you do.

Vegetarians have a much lower rate of cancer, less than half the normal rate.  The adult body is not growing, and needs very little protein.  People who eat lots of meat, dairy or eggs have a huge excess of protein in their diet.  Cancer would use that protein to grow.  Without that protein, it cannot grow.

If you have cancer, rest and relax, don’t exercise or worry.  If you exercise, your body needs much more energy, so you will eat more, and the cancer will take some of that energy.  If you take away most of the protein and energy a cancer needs to grow, it can’t grow.

So, to cure and avoid cancer, fast for at least two weeks (just water, optionally with a vitamin supplement).  Then you can resume eating, but don’t eat high-protein foods such as meat, dairy or eggs, and don’t eat too much sugar, carbohydrates or fat.  Take care with what you are eating, avoid eating too much, and especially avoid protein and sugar.  Keep your energy intake as low as possible (low calories).

A friend of mine got rid of a large tumor in his neck like this.  He fasted for two weeks, then followed a simple vegetarian diet over a period of a two months or so.  He ate mostly cabbage and pumpkin, gradually returning to a normal diet (or I suppose a better diet).

This method is simple, but I think it’s basically a sound and effective way to get better from cancer.

(I also posted this on my website, with some more info:

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  1. Evo2 says:

    This is interesting. Could you please provide references to the medical journal articles on which you based this blog entry? Or perhaps you are an Oncologist who has not yet published?


    • Barry says:

      Oncologist: a person who does not know what causes cancer and does not know how to cure it. Yet charges $300 per visit to tell patients to have treatment that destroys the immune system and sometimes kills.

    • L.Gilani says:

      I am supposed to get a biopsy in two weeks for thyroid lumps—but I figured I would read what I could do holistically before….I was encouraged to read that I could eat raw foods, water fy ast, and starve the sucker lumps to death. In france, you can walk into any
      pharmacy, and they will tell you what herbs to use. The only reason the lumps on my thyroid were found is because someone not qualified to let me know, just happened to be doing a carotid artery ultrasound, and mentioned to me that she saw the items on my thyroid. However, since it was not on the report–she was not qualified to say that. I followed up with another Dr, and found the ultrasound technician was right. I thinkly the arrogance can only hurt her. I used to take my sons to a Baby Dr, and the Dr would say to me, What do you think it is? I told him impetigo—and it was…The Dr respected me, in that I might be able to figure out what was going on. You have to listen to the patient. My sister swears by wheat grass and water to rid the body of toxins. What works for some, will not work for others. I for one WANT to hear what others are doing holistically..I am scared of putting myself into the holy hands of a medical science–as I am too tall to be a guinea pig.

      • L.Gilani says:

        One other item. The French biologists have cultured a tumor and say that when they took sugar away from it, the tumor shrunk.


    The Wikipedia page on Telomeres is worth reading, a cancer that can’t break the division limit will suddenly go away for no apparent reason.

    A sample size of 1 doesn’t mean much in any case.

    If the supply of blood to cancers can be reduced that can stop their growth. Among other things Chocolate inhibits the growth of blood vessels to cancer tissues. Apparently the majority of cancers don’t grow very big because they can’t convince the rest of the body to grow new blood vessels.

    • L.Gilani says:

      now I just read I should stay away from chocolate….would you tell me where you read the part where Chocolate inhibits growth of the blood vessels to cancer tissue….
      I do love chocolate….but it would take a good reference for me to read…to eat it right now…I do appreciate you allowing a forum where we can encourage

      • sswam says:

        I wouldn’t encourage to eat (milk) chocolate, it’s very high in energy and protein. You could try dark chocolate without sugar, but many people find that unpleasant to eat. Yes a tumor like any part of the body requires energy to sustain itself. In order to grow quickly, it would need more energy and protein than a normal organ, so I think you can starve it without harming the rest of your body.

      • Izabella says:

        I’m so sick, weak, (I know I’m dying from a HORRIBLE medical malpractice; that caused me cancer, and heart problems, my story is long; so I’ll stop), but I just came across this info, and site, I can’t even read much on here, cause my pains are just horrible, but I just saw something about; starving yourself, and killing cancer, and you were talking about chocolate, and asking someone; to give you a proof; that chocolate is bad for you, etc.
        I have a really good heart, so I will simply tell you; (and note; I hardly get on line, I have no profiles, and stuff of that nature, but it would “kill me inside”; if I ignored a person; who I could help, even tho; I need help myself, and have no one to help me), so listen; I noticed; when I’m more weaker, I can’t get up as much, and that means; I can’t feed my body, all these wonderful nutrients-vitamins-minerals; that it needs, right??? (common sense, right?) So I just grab; what ever I have, as long as; it’s natural-healthy-etc. And I noticed; (and I’m a GREAT observer, I was ALWAYS a health “freak”, and ….. wish I could paste you my old photo, so you would see. But I use to work out a lot, and eat right, and I wrote few little books, that were about to be published, before I became sick, my grandfather; was a herb specialist, besides being a judge, in Europe, so yeah; ALL MY LIFE; I been around VERY HEALTHY stuff, and a life style. I been also around my VERY SPOILED family, who didn’t ate right, but not my parents, so yeah; as a small kid; I seen a lot, and learned a lot, and I just had this passion; for healthy-home cooking and baking, and natural remedies, I guess do to this; I been ALWAYS naturally slim, and I always had a healthy looking-nice body, and hair, skin, and I was hardly ever sick, maybe with a tiny cold, but NEVER anything major. Until; a HORRIBLE medical malpractice which happened to me; in 2008, and it basically started with stupid pills, and shots, that I NEVER needed, then some procedure; which was intended for a different woman, I guess, it’s along story, but yeah;
        these people-evil doctors; as I call them, got me VERY SICK, it’s a MIRACLE that I’m still alive. I’m in such a pains; that you can’t imagine!!!), so listen; I noticed that, when I ate less food; (instead of feeling more weaker, and sick, as I should, right???), I was actually getting healthier, and I had more energy, and my pains were; not as strong. But yeah; I continue eating; fruits and vegetables, and my “special ………..”; stuff that I make myself, to beat this cancer up, lol. And yeah; I seen tons of improvements. Besides that; when it comes to your chocolate, it’s not the chocolate that kills-hurts people, it’s the HORRIBLE toxins, chemicals, that companies put into that chocolate, and lot’s of processed-artificial ingredients, and that’s what make’s you sick, and gain weight, and you may feel bad in general,vomit, get a headache, etc. If you ate REAL CHOCOLATE; made from REAL COCOA; 100% powder, (that I buy from Europe; I’m orginally from Europe, but I live in US too), that would make you even more helthier, cause cocoa powder; from crushed cocoa beans; has tons of antioxidants, and minerals, and natural source of MAGNESIUM; whcih are bodies need. But you see; the popular chocolates; on US market, Europen too, and Asian, (depends what you buy, and where), are full of CHEMICALS-TOXINS-SUGARS,
        and that’s what will “get you”; one way or another!!! And listen to this; CANCER feeds on that, on all artificial stuff, and processed sugars, so yeah; if you eat that, especially when your sick; your cancer won’t improve, it will just grow, and grow, and get you more sick. And I’m not sure if your sick or not??? I’m sorry; I’m too sick to read even,
        so I couldn’t check all the comments, on here, but if you are; I STRONGLY ADVISE YOU; to stop eating that kinda stuff, cause that will make yu more ill, and it could even kill you, if your sick with cancer!!! I’m not trying to hurt you, PLEASE don’t get me wrong, but don’t look at what certain people say, especially on here, in the media, cause EVERYTHING is NOTHING but a BIG BUSINESS, they just worry about selling their products, and not helping people, or teaching them; about what’s good, and healthy for us, and what’s not, you know??? So if you love chocolate that much;
        at least buy the one; with 70% or 90% of coco in it , stay away from the VERY SWEET, processed one’s, the one’s packed with artificial sugars, cause cancer will feed on that!!! I ALWAYS SAY: “What’s good for a healthy person, it’s not always good for the sick person!!!” So yeah; that one man was right, about what he said!!! You may not like my comment too, or take me seriously, or believe me, but if I make it, through this, at least until I find a good lawyer to help me, you will probably hear my story on the news, or in papers, maybe my little-humble book; will be published, so yeah; I have no need to lie, I’M VERY HONEST, and I LOVE HELPING PEOPLE!!! (Animals especially!!! That’s what keeps me going; these days!!! *;-) So if your sick; STAY AROUND ANIMALS TOO; it’s AMAZING; how much love they can give you, and how well; they feel your pain!!!
        And I hate to brag; I’m not like that, but before this drama; that happened to me,
        I was ………… (well; let’s just say, you would see me on TV, and in mags, in media)
        So yeah; I’M REAL, and unlike most, ESPECIALLY some celebs, and famous people, and other models, (I was modeling; before my drama), I would NEVER advertise anything bad, or pass around some bad advice; just to make $$$. So yeah; STAY AWAY FROM BAD SUGARS!!! If your sick especially; don’t drink SODAS; that’s the worse thing; that you can put into your body!!! Same with these; so called, energy drinks!!! They are packed with so many chemicals, and toxins; you don’t wanna drink that!!! And before I forget; try making you own chocolate; (if you like-have time);
        it’s not that hard to do, and if you use right ingredients; it will be very healthy, and great for the heart too. Or substitute chocolate; with a cocoa powder drink. (you know; hot chocolate) But don’t put any sugar in it!!! Use good-pure-natural honey!!! And don’t starve yourself; that’s bad, even if you wanna lose weight. Just substitute certain products; with MORE helthier one’s, and lot’s of fruits, and vegetables.
        Anyhow; GOOD LUCK!!! GOD BLESS YOU!!! If your sick; I hope you get better soon, and if your healthy; stay healthy!!!
        Sincerely; “Broken Angel”, hehe!!! 0;-)
        Ps. And for the swollen glands, bumps, etc.;
        (I wrote this in my book; it’s been ALWAYS my dream to publish it, have my own healthy cooking show too, hehe, we all have dreams, right??? 8;-)
        But yeah; eat lot’s of beets, and carrots!!! Raw; THE BEST!!! Or just cook them; for few minutes. (5 the most) If you hate raw veggies. They will NATURALLY kill a lot of toxins from your body!!!
        And YES; in France, it’s VERY POPULAR, to go to a pharmacy, (but it’s a different type of pharmacy), and get what ever herb you need, for what ever hurts you-aches you. In Poland; that’s even more popular!!! Even regular pharmacies; do that. I’m not sure where you live in US??? But in Chcago; they have lot’s of great polish pharmacies; who specialize in that. Ypu just have to know; where to go, who to ask for help. And in case your wondering; I’m 100% Polish, but I live in US too. I’m too sick-weak; to do much, I need major help myself, but if you get back here, and if you respond to my command, or need any advise; I’ll be happy to help you, and tell you; what you can buy, or do; when it comes to your healing-problem. It’s my first time one here, but I believe; they notify you; when a person replies to your comment, so if I see anything in my mailbox, I’ll get back on here, and reply again.
        If you need to know; what herbs to use, and for what;
        I’ll tell you, my humble book, was mainly on that, and how to prepare them, combine them with different foods, etc.
        Anyhow; GOOD LUCK to all!!!!!!!!!!

      • sswam says:

        Thank-you, Izabella. I am not personally suffering from cancer, just wanted to share my thoughts. I fully agree with your advice about avoiding sodas and very sweet foods. I also suggest someone who has cancer should avoid high-protein foods especially meat, eggs and milk, and other high-GI / high carbs foods such as potatoes, white rice, white breads, etc.

        As for refined chemicals, yes it’s best to avoid those that are not known to be harmless. I don’t think they would make cancer worse, and avoiding them would not cure cancer; but some chemicals can contribute to causing cancer in the first place.

        I wish you all the best in recovering from your illness. Please let us know how you are doing. Are you able to try fasting? It might help even if you can do it only for a short period like one or two days. (but please be careful with fasting this if you have a heart condition)

        Your book sounds interesting, can you tell us more about it?

      • sswam says:

        if you are interested to try fasting, please read this thread:

        In short, I think it might be safe to do some fasting if you have a heart condition.

        Just be careful – start with a moderate fast taking juice, make sure you are getting sufficient calories so that your heart is not upset. The guy Tom there says “Juice fasting can permanently heal heart conditions but I away recommend up the juice calories for the first 2 weeks.” So it might even be good for your heart.

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  4. Chris says:

    [Citation needed]

  5. Clinton Roy says:

    What a load of codswallop. I’m embarrassed to see something so silly on

  6. Anony Mouse says:

    OMFG, you’re giving medical advice? Based on one anecdotal case? FFS what sort of an idiot are you?

    Ever heard of science-based medicine where ideas like this are rigorously tested with large groups, randomly split into control and treatment groups followed up by proper statistical analysis?

    Your advice is not more credible than homeopathy.

  7. JS says:

    If I were you I’d retract your pseudoscientific ramblings about “the best way to defeat cancer” and leave the science to qualified medical personal and cancer researchers.

    What the hell makes you so arrogant that you would write on your blog about “the best way to defeat cancer” and then attempt to back it up with “A friend of mine got rid of a large tumor in his neck like this”?

    I call BS – perhaps you should get a doctorate in medicine, followed up with some core statistics knowledge, particularly correlation / causation and sample sizes before being qualified to have an opinion on this!

    • sswam says:

      I decided to approve these three insulting comments by Clinton, JS and anon. This shows that there are several people who disagree with what I have written, and are not very polite about it.

      • Rolf Witjas says:

        Don’t throw your pearls before swine. Opinions are not theses. I am in support of your main argument and impressed by the effort you’ve apparently made to help solve the problem. Thank you.

  8. sswam says:

    Several people posted negative comments which were also sarcastic or abusive. I read them and will respond in person, but I have not approved them and they are not shown here. This is my blog, not a forum for people to abuse me in public!

    (UPDATE: now that I have received some more civil comments, I have also approved the abusive comments which you can read below.)

    If anyone wishes to post a polite response to what I wrote, please do so, and I will approve it for display.

    My post was mostly based on my own reasoning. An unprejudiced person may search the web for ‘cancer + fasting’ or ‘cancer + vegetarian’ and find a large quantity of references, scholarly articles, papers, studies, general articles, and testimonials. I don’t know whether anyone has done a good controlled study on fasting / intelligent dieting for cancer remedy, with a large enough population. I have not found such a study. There have been several significant and supportive epidemiological studies.

    I have had a look on the web, and listed some quotes (with URLs). The quotes are supportive of my main argument, and include several well-regarded research papers.

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  10. sswam says:

    a respondent wrote: “Unless you are a health professional, you have no right to recommend any health protocol.”

    I think that I have every right to recommend any legal course of action. Am I not allowed to say that a high-protein, high-calorie diet promotes the growth of cancer? I am entitled to speak, and this fact has been established.

    It has been known from before the dawn of western medicine that fasting and good diet can cure a wide variety of diseases.

    I suppose that anyone who has a serious disease such as cancer will not rely on me as their sole authority. I suppose they will consult several doctors and other experts. They may wish to freely consult their own intelligence – even if they are not a health professional.

  11. It was “known” before the dawn of western medicine that evil spirits caused disease, that sticking pins in random parts of the body would heal other parts, and that cannibalism cured all ills.

    The scientific method is required for proper research, along with studies that involve statistically significant numbers of patients (IE significantly more than 1).

    • sswam says:

      I’m not going to wait for scientists to prove something before I will accept that it might be correct. I will use my own reasoning, reading and experience to make up my mind.

      If someone waited for the world’s scientists to come to agreement, he might have died from lung cancer and smoking before they had proved that it is harmful.

      That said, there is plenty of proof that fasting has many specific health benefits:

      Wikipedia: Fasting: Health effects

      Research suggests there are major health benefits to caloric restriction. Benefits include reduced risks of cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, insulin resistance, immune disorders, and more generally, the slowing of the aging process, and the potential to increase maximum life span.[2] According to Dr. Mark P. Mattson, chief of the laboratory of neurosciences at the US National Institute on Aging, fasting every other day (intermittent fasting) shows beneficial effects as strong as those of caloric-restriction diets[3] in mice, and a small study conducted on humans at the University of Illinois indicates the same results [4]

      According to the US National Academy of Sciences, other health benefits include stress resistance, increased insulin sensitivity, reduced morbidity, and increased life span.[7][8] Long-term studies in humans have not been conducted. However, short-term human trials showed benefits in weight loss.

      Health Benefits to Fasting (citations not included)

      Specific, proven benefits include:
      Weight Loss
      Increased Energy
      Increased Human Growth Hormone
      Reductions in High Blood Glucose levels

      Specific benefits still under investigation
      Reductions in Insulin secretion
      Decreased Inflammation
      Increased mental clarity
      Normalizations in High Blood Pressure

    • sswam says:

      Also, Einstein came up with the theories of relativity without using the scientific method at all. He used his reasoning.

      He was later shown by application of the scientific method to be correct, or at least to have found a more accurate model of reality than what previously known.

      Without wishing to compare my intelligence to Einstein’s, I can use my reasoning, reading and experience to come up with a theory that fasting will help to cure cancer. If someone has the resources to study this using the scientific method, or using quality epidemiological work, they may be able to determine conclusively whether I am right or wrong. It’s not like I’m the first intelligent person to have claimed this.

      • Being intelligent does not imply being able to give useful advice on a random topic. There are lots of examples of intelligent and well educated people giving rather stupid advice on topics that are outside their area of expertise (a current example is geologists who claim to be experts on climate change). There are also plenty of intelligent but ill-educated people who have wacky ideas.

        The people who developed practices such as acupuncture, homeopathy, and cannibalism to cure medical problems weren’t necessarily stupid. In fact there is a strong correlation between parts of the world that lacked adequate sources of protein and places where cannibalism were widely practiced.

        Prayer even works to cure some disease – in the form of the placebo effect!

        But you really don’t want to rely on prayer and fasting to cure anything remotely serious, the result can be fatal. Rely on prayer and fasting to cure a common cold, it will probably be cured in a week. :-#

  12. Evo2 says:

    The main problem is that what you are presenting is a hypothesis not a theory. These are two very different things. Additionally your hypothesis is primarily supported only by anecdotes, anything that you have presented that does not fall into this category are cherry picked results without references to peer reviewed journal articles.

    If this type of thing really is of interest to you I suggest you checkout the skeptics guide to the universe podcast.



  13. sswam says:

    I’m not bothered if rude people disagree with me. I’ve found that rudeness and stupidity most often go hand in hand. Russell wasn’t rude, so I’m interested to read what he has to say. Everyone else is wasting their keystrokes as far as I’m concerned.

    • jrm says:

      I am a cancer patient and I know that what you say is truthful because it is working for me. Until you have gone through cancer and actually tried what has been suggested by several don’t knock it.

    • Colleen says:

      At least you’re TRYING, Sswam … my significant other is dying of terminal cancer and NONE of the doctors or oncologists (and I’ve asked them all) have said what he should be eating … it was just more … “Good luck!”

      • Helen says:

        The author is not entirely off base. Here is the link to a medical article titled “Causes and Consequences of Increased Glucose Metabolism of Cancers.” The medical studies are out there if people were to take the time to research.

        The link did not allow me to copy any full sentences to reference here. So, if you want to better your understanding of the role glucose plays in cancer, I encourage anyone to read at this link:

  14. sswam says:

    Perhaps you’ve seen these videos of a lady doing 3 consecutive 40 day fasts on youtube (spaced by 1 week with food). If she lost that much weight, I think any tumors she might have had would have lost a lot of weight also.

    She certainly did lose a lot of weight, including I guess most of the protein in her body, and I don’t see why any cancers would be excluded from the weight loss. I suggest that cancers might be more vulnerable than normal body protein, and would be entirely consumed during the fasting. They certainly wouldn’t continue to grow. How can a person die of cancer if the cancer cannot grow?

    day 1:

    day 40:

    day 80:

    day 120:
    1 month later:

    She’s looking fine, “I have stabalized at about a normal 120 pounds and have suffered no ill effect due to the fasting. Everything checks out medically, and I am healthier now than when I began the fasts.”

    6 months later:

    “I am pregnant now, in good health, and my weight fluctuates between 115 – 125 lbs.”

    From a comment on the last video:

    “There is one thing I would like to point out to everyone. Look at how healthy and rejuvinated Aaron is. She looks like she is 22 and does not look like she has had any children. Before the fasts she looked like she was pushing 50. You look like one of the Robert Palmer girls in “Addicted to Love”. I could only hope to find a girl someday with that brand of sheer will.”

    If fasting like that, or even less extremely, did not cure most any kind of cancer, I would be very surprised indeed. If you have cancer, please try it and see.

    Also, if you have cancer from smoking too much, I suggest don’t try to quit smoking until you cure the cancer, because quitting may likely cause extra stress, loss of sleep, etc. which would hinder recovery from the cancer.

  15. sswam says:

    A somewhat relevant news headline: “British study finds two-month extreme diet can cure type 2 diabetes and overturns assumptions about ‘lifelong’ condition”

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  17. stuart says:

    I agree fasting could cure cancer, I have been trying to find info on jewish camp prisoners and japanese prisoners of war, that could prove or disprove your auguments, as for only listening to medical experts on cancer treatments, I disagree their success rates are extremely dismal.

  18. Dennis says:

    I was introduced to “juice fasting” a couple of decades ago, and am now taking a renewed interest in view of a recent diagnosis of a 17cm growth on a kidney, likely cancerous based on a CT scan done a month ago. I’ve done a three week juice fast daily with normal suppers and have had no further symptoms (side ache and blood in urine) since. I had an MRI three days ago and am waiting for the result. In response to some of the dissenting blogs, mine will be an actual before-and-after measure (sorry no control group!). I am thin so lost only a little weight, but my previous searches on fasting have led to my belief that the fasting body is self-preserving enough to metabolize the “worst stuff first”, and fat was not my “worst stuff”. I am hopeful that the mass on the kidney WAS my worst stuff, so will be found reduced or disappeared by the MRI. I can easily increase the severity of my fasting if necessary, and I will remain under medical care as long as necessary to be sure I’m risk-free. I will report back when I get the MRI result.

  19. Dennis says:

    The MRI result was mixed in that the original growth was reduced 17cm >> 14cm length and 12cm >> 9cm width, but showed indications of spread to several other sites. The original site remains “cured” in that there’s no pain or red pee. I wish I’d continued the fasting beyond three weeks as I have two quite painful other sites that may have been thus prevented. I am now on Day 10 of a stricter fast. I am scheduled for removal of the original growth on a kidney in one week, after which we’ll reappraise things.

  20. sswam says:

    Dennis, it’s good to hear that your large growth has been shrinking, that sounds very hopeful. In terms of mass / volume, that tumor is only half the size it was before! That’s amazing progress over just a few weeks. I feel confident that you can achieve the same with the other sites.

    Are you taking any other treatment, such as chemotherapy? I think if I had cancer, I would consider to do chemo and fasting together. Although. if the fasting will work by itself, that’s all the better. It might be very hard on the body to combine them.

    I hope you can get plenty of rest, and overcome your illness quickly. I think you could continue a diet as you described with juice and supper indefinitely. Your body can survive well on that. We can hope that stricter fasting will get rid of it even more quickly. So long as you can keep a restricted diet, and if that will keep the growths shrinking, you are certain to recover.

    Thank-you for posting here, and I wish you all the best with your recovery. Please let us know how you’re doing.

    • Dennis says:

      Hi Sam, … thanks for the encouraging comments. I’m not on any treatment so far but will have surgery Friday to remove the RHS kidney which had the original growth. The urologist’s premise is that this should “orphan” the other sites. If he’s correct then my fasting can take it from there. The two other sites seem to be bone-related, and had a maximum pain period then subsided noticeably. My daughter introduced me to “mango smoothies” several days ago, and a quick search showed that mangoes are loaded with anti-oxidents with their attendant benefits. I’ll check back in after the surgery and report findings and prognosis, … cheers

      • sswam says:

        Ouch, I wonder if you can do it without the surgery? Don’t take my advice anyway, I’m not a doctor. For me, I wouldn’t necessarily take the doctor’s advice either; make up your own mind. Thanks for letting me know.

      • sswam says:

        … and good luck!

      • Dennis Hartwick says:

        I perused the fruit kernels article with interest, thanks. Eating millet bread and tapioca is attractive and risk-free. I got out of hospital two days ago (I have free health care else I might have hesitated) and am having an excellent recovery. I’m sure much of this is due to my two 3-week fasts during which I lost ten lbs. I’m now continuing with a moderate fast along with anti-oxidants like green tea and mangoes. The surgeon feels he got “99%” of the problem, so now with my current regime I am confident that I can take it from there. Many thanks for this site and your personal interest.

  21. sswam says:

    Dennis, did you see that lady Aaron on youtube, I wrote about her in a previous comment here?

    Maybe it would be inspiring for you to see her videos. Yes, she did get very thin – but she survived 120 days with no food, just water and some vitamins (except for two week-long breaks after each 40 days of fasting, when she did eat). She says her health was better afterwards than before the fasting, and she sure looks more healthy too. I’ll post the links to some of her videos again here:

    day 1:
    day 40:
    day 80:
    day 120:
    1 month later:
    6 months later:

  22. sswam says:

    I saw this article, about a vitamin in fruit kernels which may help to cure or prevent cancer. It might be worth checking this out, it sounds like a sort of natural chemotherapy:

    All the best!

    (discussion on facebook:

  23. Ditty says:

    The world is crude and idiotic. Most people are living in a dream world. Buying clothes\cars\homes and things that they don’t need, thanks to the high advance proven technique of mind condition advertise on nice high definition TV. I’ve just turn 33, I fasted for 2 weeks every 6 months on water and lemon. I am able to maintain my overall health for the last 6 years. I drinks and socially smoke just like most people out there. Fasting doesn’t cure cancer or other miracle that people most often heard. You first must understand how the body operate and function before you can understand how fasting really works. To make it short, fasting allowing your body to take a break to break down and renewal like a car need tune up. The engine must be off and oil get drain and filter get replace and etc. Your body does the same thing but in organically. It breaks down bad cells and replaces it with new cells. There are only few ways your body discrete waste, by doing the number 1 and 2 in the restroom and mucus from lungs and nose. Your body sweat is another way to discrete waste that most people forget, and don’t forget that your skin is actually the largest organ on your body. To make it short, your body is design to grow and self healing. Most people who pop pills for headache at every chance they get will disagree this. Having pain is a good thing. Pain is a signal mechanism that your body is alerting you something is not right. Popping pills to block out the signals from brain is only a temporary fixed. Major damage could be waiting to happens, or it leads to other problems which will require more pills. In a year I only take around 5 pills for my headache, but most pain I have is self inflicted from partying too hard. People who really want to give their body a chance to stay healthy need to do more research on their own. All of the information is readily online for free, all it takes is your WILL. Many people I’ve talked to about it but only a few actually tested and they come out supper excited of their new found limitation. By the way my brother in-law is a Dr. who marries to my sister a nurse and my brother is a chiropractor who can fix the inflammation in my left shower from workout injury, but fasting did. I’ve gone through countless therapy session and pills to break down the enzyme, and 3 visit scan with no permanent fixed. Only solution is to get surgery advice by my brother in-law and 2 and 3rd dr for different opinion. I did fasting for 2 weeks and 1st weeks the pain is completely gone. Everything has science and research to it, look it up if people who really interested in changing and understand the crap they’ve been eating. I am not a saint but at least aware and try to avoid it.

  24. Has says:

    hI blog host, yes, some people are so impolite. I am a psychiatrist, with breast ca, did mastectomy and chemo, no radiation and tamoxifen, even when it was indicated, as my tumour was ER++ AND PR++

    i was having pain symptom like those survivors that came with hip met, they experience the pain for 6mth-1 year, and when the spread was extensive, then only the bone scan and PET scan lights up, by then it was too late for them to juice and fast, what with treatment for DVT or prophylaxis..

    so for me, I am fasting (I am a muslim and fast accordingly, but eat minimally on breaking fast till the next day fast), with same activity level as while not fasting…in fact heavy exercise 30 mins before breaking fast, then break fast with lots of fresh vegs and fruit juice and herbs..and takes organic chic eggs for replenishing my protein…there is actually an animal study on fasting and cancer…when you fast and you do heavy exercise, the damaged and cancerous cells got removed first, together with metabolism of normal tissue…thus you need to replenish and lots of antioxidants…

    well, my pain resolved, my high BP settles down and I am having a great bod…again sample size is 1, but do I care? No, even when I am actually an academician and a scientist…I did not take tamoxifen for a tumour that was sensitive to ER and PR, and yet I made the 6th post ca year…and with fasting, many more…

  25. Denman says:

    Hey Has, … another victory for fasting. We see lots of non-believers among those who don’t have the discipline to reduce their eating. We who do fast see lots of good evidence of benefit, but as always there’s no proof. I’m another “sample size = 1” as you say, and I’ll accept what I see and feel in my body, … cheers, … Dennis

  26. Dennis says:

    I read recently on a cancer-related site that lemon peelings contained a nutrient that was more powerful than the chemical used in chemotherapy. SInce then I’ve seen nothing, and because chemo is injected and lemon is eaten I’m stuck as to how we apply the lemons. Any suggestions?,

  27. Henry says:

    Hi, many people with many ideas. What it comes down to is the fact, there is no money in the cure, tons of money letting you die slow. Do you really think cancer is different from one organ to another? Why all these groups, they should be working under one house and sharing info better. Dennis asked about lemons, everything you eat ends up in your blood stream, that how foor causes problems and can also help. There is a rumor about lemons and limes, that they have been working with them for 20yrs, but who knows.

    • Henry says:

      Sorry for the typos. Food not foor…

    • sswam says:

      I don’t believe doctors and researchers are deliberately letting people die slowly, rather than curing them, in order to make money. They’re not evil people on the whole. But it seems that many people these days will disregard anything that has not been proven using the scientific method and statistical studies. But, these things have not been proven false, either! Besides the ability to do studies, we also have this faculty called “reason”.

  28. Michele says:

    Obviously the contents of the following video that I made didn’t really happen according to some people here, mainly for the reason that the method hasn’t yet been scientifically proven. (what they don’t realise however, is that the method I chose to remove – yes I said remove- part of my very large tumour never will be ‘scientifically’ proven or even acknowledged because natural products can’t be patented, therefore no pharmaceutical company on this earth will be able to own it and make profit from it.) These people don’t understand that non patentable products and ideas WON’T be promoted EVER because they will put the cancer industry out of business. Please watch my video which is obviously a figment of my imagination 😉

    BTW, yes, what you are saying about fasting is a proven fact. People have known this for many centuries. Our bodies work more effeciently at fighting disease when we fast occasionally. Also we should totally cut out all GM and MSG food. Basically, if it comes in a packet or tin, it isn’t real food and probably won’t help our bodies to heal us.

    • sswam says:

      Thanks Michele for your suggestions. I watched your video, and my heart goes out to you.

      That black salve might be good for surface / skin cancer but after watching your video it looks to be a very extreme and difficult treatment for a tumour below the surface. You are burning a large hole into your body, it’s slow and painful. Compared to this, I think I would much prefer surgery (to remove a sub-surface tumour).

      Did you try fasting at all? I’m curious if fasting would help in your case… and it’s got to be a thousand times easier and less painful than what you went through with the black salve. Fasting is pretty safe… unless you have a really weak heart or something it’s not likely to hurt you at all.

      • Michele says:

        Yes I agree that black salve is best for skin cancers but I promise it doesn’t burn a hole in the skin. (I know this because before I tried it, I applied it to another skin patch and because there was no cancer there, nothing happened whatsoever as I had expected, after researching it). The salve actually ‘grabs’ the cancer and ‘pulls’ it up and out of the skin. Yes it was very painful, but do bear in mind that I had been told that I would die without immediate treatment and this was very fast. Not sure that chemo/radiation would have been any less painful, (if I’d have survived it at all) and this way my immune system stayed intact also.
        The surgeon also wanted to remove ‘both’ my breasts, ALL muscles and lymph glands, AND my womb. I only have cancer in the one breast, and I don’t believe I have a problem with my womb. The drug he wanted to prescribe for me was Tamoxifen which can cause uterine cancer. No wonder they carry out a hysterectomy on so many breast cancer patients. I don’t like the idea of ‘curing’ cancer with cancer. Both chemo AND radiation cause cancer. It’s a known fact.

        Strangely, I used to fast for years when I was younger. Didn’t call it that to be honest, I didnt call it anything at all, but it was just the way I ate. I would eat if I was hungry, and then if I wasn’t hungry for a few days at a time then I wouldn’t eat. Simple as that. I would even at times ‘forget’ to eat if I was particularly busy. (I raised 5 children)
        All I can say is my lifestyle, coupled with ‘lots’ of excercise (kung fu, aerobics, running etc usually at least 1-2 hrs per day, usually 7 days a week) kept me healthy all those years!
        I stopped doing so much firstly due to an ankle injury, then the other ankle, and then finally a back injury. My doctor thinks I probably broke my coccix but we decided it wasn’t worth going for an x ray because nothing could be done about it anyway.
        I’m actually 46 now and I found this lump when I was 17.

        I do have a heart murmer but I don’t worry about it, I’ve never allowed it to become a problem. I think we can dwell on things too much sometimes and become paranoid.
        I actually may well try fasting again soon. I know it won’t hurt me because I lived like that for many many years with no problems, only good health.
        I tend to find that fasting is much easier during the warmer months, maybe because I’m often not as hungry at those times and tend to drink more anyway? I dont know.

  29. Helen says:

    This medical study is fantastic, titled “Is there a role for carbohydrate restriction in the treatment and prevention of cancer?” For those of you discussing fasting to treat cancer, you should definitely read this!

    Here is their conclusion: “We summarize our main findings from the literature regarding the role of dietary CHO [glucose] restriction in cancer development and outcome.

    (i) Most, if not all, tumor cells have a high demand on glucose compared to benign cells of the same tissue and conduct glycolysis even in the presence of oxygen (the Warburg effect). In addition, many cancer cells express insulin receptors (IRs) and show hyperactivation of the IGF1R-IR pathway. Evidence exists that chronically elevated blood glucose, insulin and IGF1 levels facilitate tumorigenesis and worsen the outcome in cancer patients.

    (ii) The involvement of the glucose-insulin axis may also explain the association of the metabolic syndrome with an increased risk for several cancers. CHO restriction has already been shown to exert favorable effects in patients with the metabolic syndrome. Epidemiological and anthropological studies indicate that restricting dietary CHOs could be beneficial in decreasing cancer risk.

    (iii) Many cancer patients, in particular those with advanced stages of the disease, exhibit altered whole-body metabolism marked by increased plasma levels of inflammatory molecules, impaired glycogen synthesis, increased proteolysis and increased fat utilization in muscle tissue, increased lipolysis in adipose tissue and increased gluconeogenesis by the liver. High fat, low CHO diets aim at accounting for these metabolic alterations. Studies conducted so far have shown that such diets are safe and likely beneficial, in particular for advanced stage cancer patients.

    (iv) CHO restriction mimics the metabolic state of calorie restriction or – in the case of KDs [ketogenic diets] – fasting. The beneficial effects of calorie restriction and fasting on cancer risk and progression are well established. CHO restriction thus opens the possibility to target the same underlying mechanisms without the side-effects of hunger and weight loss.

    (v) Some laboratory studies indicate a direct anti-tumor potential of ketone bodies. During the past years, a multitude of mouse studies indeed proved anti-tumor effects of KDs for various tumor types, and a few case reports and pre-clinical studies obtained promising results in cancer patients as well. Several registered clinical trials are going to investigate the case for a KD as a supportive therapeutic option in oncology.”

    • sswam says:

      Thanks for the comments and linking that article.

      The beneficial effects of calorie restriction and fasting on cancer risk and progression are well established. CHO restriction thus opens the possibility to target the same underlying mechanisms without the side-effects of hunger and weight loss.

      So, the authors think that we should be concerned about side effects of fasting, such as hunger and weight loss?

      As for me I’m happy to endure a little hunger and would welcome some weight loss, an very much so if it will save my life.

      I think “not entirely off base” is still a little too negative. Did you find some flaw in what I wrote?

      I guess that the article you linked does not mention protein. Is it not obvious that tumors need a great amount of energy, and protein also, in order to grow?

  30. Helen says:

    Studies support the idea that glucose is the primary energy source of tumors, not excess protein.
    “Over the last years, evidence has accumulated suggesting that by systematically reducing the amount of dietary carbohydrates (CHOs) one could suppress, or at least delay, the emergence of cancer, and that proliferation of already existing tumor cells could be slowed down. This hypothesis is supported by the association between modern chronic diseases like the metabolic syndrome and the risk of developing or dying from cancer. CHOs or glucose, to which more complex carbohydrates are ultimately digested, can have direct and indirect effects on tumor cell proliferation: first, contrary to normal cells, most malignant cells depend on steady glucose availability in the blood for their energy and biomass generating demands and are not able to metabolize significant amounts of fatty acids or ketone bodies due to mitochondrial dysfunction.”

    The authors’ conclusion and link to fasting is not concerned with weight loss or hunger, but rather suggesting that by limiting carbs and glucose enough to get your body into ketosis, you can get the cancer fighting benefits similar to fasting. From wikipedia, “Ketone bodies are formed by ketogenesis when liver glycogen stores are depleted…during prolonged fasting or starvation, acetyl-CoA in the liver is used to produce ketone bodies instead, leading to a state of ketosis…if the diet is changed from a highly glycemic diet to a diet that does not provide sufficient carbohydrate to replenish glycogen stores, the body goes through a set of stages to enter ketosis.” Same state of ketosis whether reached via fasting or carb restriction.

    I think your promotion of a healthy diet, plus fasting, is accurate. However, research suggests glucose is what enables tumors to continue to grow. The study linked above and a separate view here support this.

    I did not mean to sound negative, sorry if it came off that way; just sharing info for those with a more urgent need for it than I. I encourage reading both articles entirely. Other studies are out there to find too. Cheers! 🙂

    • sswam says:

      Energy is required for growth, so to limit caloric intake will help prevent tumor growth.
      Protein is required for growth, so to limit protein intake will help prevent tumor growth.

      I don’t need to study this in order to know it. It’s blindingly obvious.

      “You can’t build muscle without enough protein. That’s pretty much a given.”

      Anyone who fasts for a while will burn fat, muscle, and tumors, in order to stay alive.

      It’s well known that vegetarians have a lower incidence of cancer.
      This is because, on average, they have less protein in their diet.
      (Meat is high in protein.)

      Now, I agree with you that excessive glucose promotes cancer growth.
      That does not mean it is the one and only major contributing cause, or that excessive protein does not promote cancer growth.

      If you still wish to contradict what I am saying about protein, please provide evidence or reasoning.
      Nothing you quoted says or implies “protein intake does not influence tumor growth”.

      I have linked a lot of evidence here, that shows protein intake does in fact influence tumor growth:

      quotes relevant to cancer and fasting

      You can also read these other pages I wrote on the topic, if you like:

      getting rid of cancer: fast

      abusive responses to my post about how to cure cancer

      the lady who fasted

  31. sswam says:

    Here’s an article I just found which mentions some similar ideas.

    “KF: Are you saying that if one changes their diet from animal based protein to plant-based protein that the disease process of cancer can be halted and reversed?

    TCC: Yes, this is what our experimental research shows. I also have become aware of many anecdotal claims by people who have said that their switch to a plant-based diet stopped even reversed (cured?) their disease. One study on melanoma has been published in the peer-reviewed literature that shows convincing evidence that cancer progression is substantially halted with this diet.”

    “The problem in this area of medicine is that traditional doctors are so focused on the use of targeted therapies (chemo, surgery, radiation) that they refuse to even acknowledge the use of therapies like nutrition and are loathe to even want to do proper research in this area. So, in spite of the considerable evidence–theoretical and practical–to support a beneficial nutritional effect, every effort will be made to discredit it. It’s a self-serving motive.”

    – Dr. T. Colin Campbell, Professor Emeritus of Cornell University

  32. sswam says:

    Here’s an article about a study which shows that avoiding sugar gives a much better hope of surviving cancer.

  33. sswam says:

    Here’s a young guy who fasted for 28 days, and greatly improved his health. He also suggests that fasting can prevent and possibly cure cancer.

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