warn of fsck ‘coming soon’

My laptop runs Debian with an ext3 root filesystem.
Every 27 boots or so it gets stuck doing an fsck for maybe 10 minutes…
This can be inconvenient!

So I wrote a little script which checks if an automatic fsck is ‘coming soon’.
It warns me, so I can run a manual fsck instead.
It also suggests two ways to run a manual fsck.

I am running this from my local profile, and when X starts.
For X, it needs a little wrapper, to show any output in a pop-up message.
I did test it, but will need to wait a few weeks to be really sure it works!


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2 Responses to warn of fsck ‘coming soon’

  1. Leon Brooks says:

    Switch to ext4. Pre-planned fragmentation reduction & I’ve had 3x 2-minute fscks in the last 6 months.

    • sswam says:

      I wanted to upgrade it, but read that some ext4 options require to create a new filesystem. I’ll rebuild it some time. Meanwhile, I’m looking forward to the fsck warning from my nice little script 🙂

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