dear PLA readers; beer; parsing XML with perl regular expressions

dear PLA readers,

I value my membership of Planet Linux Australia.

Around 75% of my blog posts are on-topic for PLA, directly related to Linux or Programming.  I counted them.

I have made three potentially offensive off-topic political posts in the last year.  The topics were fluoridation, voting for the house of reps, and the US attacks on Libya.  I also posted about some simple yoga exercises, a musician I admire, and a board game.  My other fifteen posts during that period were on-topic.

I have strong opinions on various topics.  If some of my posts offend you, you can reply with polite criticism, you can ask me to tone it down, you can skip those posts, or you can complain to PLA staff that I made you feel sad.

I would rather you don’t complain about me to the PLA staff, because they don’t receive a Sam is nice message, whenever I make someone feel happy.

Now, here is a picture of some beer, so that this post may be considered on-topic for PLA:


And here are two Perl regular expressions, for parsing XML:

/(<.*?>|[^<]+)\s*/g    # get tags and text
/(\w+)="(.*?)"/g       # get attribute names and values 
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2 Responses to dear PLA readers; beer; parsing XML with perl regular expressions

  1. sswam says:

    I apologise that PLA does not display the subjects of my posts correctly. That appears to be a problem with feeds and/or the PLA aggregator software.

    • Dion says:

      G’Day, As a fellow PLA follower, I just took a look into that, and I can’t see anything on our ( end that’d cause that, If you spot anything, do let us (or me?) know and I’ll take a peak.

      I guess the PLA software just thinks the beer is more important than everything else 😉

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