it’s high time for crpyto

I think it’s high time for everyone to start encrypting all of their internet traffic.  Big brother is not our benevolent overlord, defending from terrorists while respecting our privacy.  Big brother is not above blackmail, extortion, dealing arms, selling drugs, and starting baseless wars.

I had heard that multi-layer crypto can be weaker than one strong layer.  This might be true if the same key is used for each layer; don’t do that.  Otherwise, if different keys are used, multi-layer crypto is likely much stronger than single-layer crypto. If it were weaker, the analysts could break a cipher-text more easily by encrypting it again!

Given the tools, any muppet can use crypto that no system on the planet could break for the foreseeable future, and it’s no great inconvenience to use such crypto.  If we can persuade enough muppets to do this, big brother’s “intelligence” (spy) unit will not have so much power to control and dominate us.

Big brother currently uses very strong surveillance technology, and either intends to or already does record and analyse most if not all communications made over phones and the internet.  This is not paranoia, it’s a fact – look it up.  Google, a relatively benevolent corporation, has the resources to record reams (if not shelves-full) of data about every person on the planet; even home computers have the capacity to keep a page of dirt on each living person.

Regardless of whether big brother is after you personally – I doubt he’s after me, in spite of my outspoken opinions – encrypting your internet traffic will assist those people who might otherwise be taken for lawful torture in Cuba.  There are precious few benevolent powers around the world.  I don’t trust any of the spy units that would want to collect our communications, so I don’t want to assist them by making my communications easy to read.

I registered that domain crpyto – it was a typo in the first place: a nice accidental transposition cypher!

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