GCC+MIRO build instructions, patch and binaries

MIRO: Mudflap Improved with Referent Objects

I built GCC 4.3.0 with MIRO, for C and C++ runtime bounds checking.


In my opinion, MIRO is extremely valuable, and it is worth running an older gcc to use it during development.

Unfortunately I had to make some changes in order to build MIRO. Someone had implemented their own funky std::strcmp, etc, instead of using normal strcmp. This did not work any more for some obscure reason, so I removed this stuff and used the normal strcmp, etc. My patch is in ./gcc-miro-fix.patch

I tarred up the modified source, including .svn directories, and the built gcc / g++ for x86 and x86_64, which can be installed in /opt/miro/. I built these on a Debian 6.0 “Squeeze” (x86) and Linux Mint 13 “Maya” (x86_64), I’m not sure if there will be any issues running the binaries on different distros. If it doesn’t work, you can rebuild it.

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3 Responses to GCC+MIRO build instructions, patch and binaries

  1. sswam says:

    If you know a better way to fix “std::strcmp” vs strcmp, please tell me.

  2. what problems did you face when using std:strcmp?

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