play Hexagon! and how to get wine 1.3 on Debian squeeze

Everyone, play Hexagon!  (and get wine 1.3 on Debian squeeze)
A great new free game by Terry Cavanagh of VVVVVV fame.

in the browser:
exe zip:
exe zip direct link:

This game appears #4 on google:hexagon; it’s pretty good.
Terry is developing “Super Hexagon” which will be even more challenging.

Hexagon on Linux?  It runs well in the browser with flash, but only from Terry’s website.
The exe version runs under wine 1.3 on PC Linux.

For Debian stable users (like me), try my “installer”:

chmod +x wine-debian-squeeze

Or check this page:

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3 Responses to play Hexagon! and how to get wine 1.3 on Debian squeeze

  1. sswam says:

    Super Hexagon has been released, but sadly not for Linux, nor even PC or web, but only on iPhone and iPad so far! Let’s hope Terry will support a portable PC version in the near future. I would almost betray my convictions and buy an Apple device to play this game…

  2. Romain says:

    WTF su password is asked when executing wine-debian-squeeze ? oO

    • sswam says:

      I am in a haughty mood, so I am going to give you a bit of tough love.

      How did you figure it is going to install wine on your machine, without root permissions?!

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