easy donation schedule

easy donation schedule

I finally created a free software “donation and thanks” schedule for myself, using free tools!

Here is my schedule:  sam.nipl.net/thx.  I’m sure I missed some projects.

here’s the process:

  1. write down a list of projects to support
  2. can double up on the most important projects (Debian)
  3. shuffle the list, I used my shuffle; or try /usr/bin/shuf
  4. put dates at the front, I used: uthx_dates 2 weeks
  5. make a donation of whatever amount when it comes due!
  6. can add new projects at the end, or insert somewhere random

Normal people like you could use a spreadsheet for this, or should I say “less abnormal”?

It’s an idea I had a long time ago, but was to lazy and tight to do it until now.  There are too many projects it’s not practical to make a $2 donation to each project each month, so it needs to be organised somehow.  The random shuffle is to make it fair and even, in case other people would do a similar thing.  This is a much simplified version of my first grandiose and unfulfilled plan for this!  I’d like to make a web-app to help with this simple approach for supporting free software.

As I’m a developer, I intend to add more libraries and such to my list.

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