riots? I think not

We’ve learned that the police force in Australia will obstruct, aggravate and pepper-spray otherwise peaceful protesters; and that many intellectually challenged people including our prime minister will be quick to side with the mass-media in racism and religious intolerance.

I propose a new Australian citizenship test, which will detect racial and religious hatred. All Australians are required to take the test. The many Australians who will fail, will be exported to off-shore concentration camps pending reevaluation – some time in the next 50 years. We will then have much more space for peaceful immigrants, and refugees. For example, we can assist refugees from the many unjust wars that Australia has waged while it was controlled by racist war-criminals.

Additionally, children will be encouraged and required to dob in their racist parents to big brother, for off-shore re-education. Internet trolls and public figures can similarly be reported, by right-thinking citizens. We can start by shipping off our prime minister, and major media personalities.

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