Vote Sam for Supreme Dictator, #1: public transport

Vote Sam for Supreme Dictator Emperor, policy #1…

public transport reform:

– it is free to use
– funded by donation on vehicles, online, at stations
– funded by tax if necessary (public transport levy)
– conductors: to help people, keep the peace, prevent job loss
– random spot checks to stop tax cheats, if necessary

– technically simple, efficient: get rid of myki, gates, ticket police
– reduces the cost of providing public transport service
– more people will want to use public transport
– can provide more and better public transport services
– this will help the environment

As supreme dictator, I will get rid of trams, and add buses:

– buses are more accessible for people in wheelchairs
– trams travel in the right lane, and all traffic must stop when they stop
– if a tram breaks down, it blocks the whole tram line
– buses are more flexible, can go around road work
– trams are quaint, but basically act as mobile speed bumps
– waiting for trams contributes to global warming and road rage
– we could replace trams with solar buses like this one in Adelaide

[ Of course, I’m not too serious about being supreme dictator of Australia,
but I am serious about my policy suggestions for our public transport ]

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1 Response to Vote Sam for Supreme Dictator, #1: public transport

  1. sswam says:

    My full list of policies, so far:

    1. public transport, “free” ; trams, annihillated off the face of the earth
    2. fluoro lights: destroyed, replaced by flicker-free full spectrum
    3. 13th February is Lingerie Brassiere Appreciation Day
    4. every citizen MUST date on valentines’ day, or face a severe penalty

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