9 reasons to love Pandora

Laptops and phones can be good, and do have some advantages …
but here are 9 reasons I love my Pandora:

 - fits in pocket                (2)
 - great gaming controls     (1) (2)
 - full ASCII+ keyboard      (1)     (3)
 - superb audio              (1) (2) (3)
 - excellent battery life        (2)
 - 2 x SD cards & USB        (1) (2) (3)
 - full open GNU/Linux OS    (1)     (3)
 - indie hardware project    (1) (2) (3)
 - great community & devs            (3)

(1) few if any phones have this
(2) few if any laptops have this
(3) few if any other pocket gaming boxes have this


That’s 6 ways a Pandora beats a phone, 6 ways it beats a laptop, 6 ways it beats other pocket gaming boxes. And 3 ways it beats all of the above.

Few if any other devices can score more than 3/9, on this list of very desirable features.

Pandora is elite and unique!

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Don’t Feed The Trolls

Don’t Feed The Trolls

a maxim for life

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simple linux distro [idea]

I propose to create a simple Linux distro:

– based on (beyond) Linux from scratch, ports, sources via DVCS (git, hg, git svn)
– primarily for Open Pandora, also 686 / x86_64 PC
– include source code, dev tools, dev libs
– compressed single-file executable packages based on Pandora PND with some fixes
– separate defaults vs configuration
– include source configuration and compiled objects, for quick hacking
– support projects by donation, rating and feedback; a friendly nagware, enabled by default
– use get ideas from “suckless” Linux projects, such as static linking, musl libc
– all code changes reviewed by two or more maintainers before declared “stable”
– fix and avoid slow and broken things

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CSV data processing

I wrote a couple tools in perl, for CSV data processing:

dbicsv – can feed CSV data into or out from a database

csvproc – can process CSV data using a perl one-liner

Please let me know if you find these tools useful, to suggest features, or if you’re interested but don’t see how to use them.  Don’t let my humility deceive you; these are very useful tools!

Some examples:

export DB_DBMS=postgrsql DB_NAME=test
dbicsv 'select * from foo;' >foo.csv
dbicsv 'insert into foo values (?, ?, ?);' <foo.csv
dbicsv 'select * from sp_proc($Col1, $Col2);' <in.csv >out.csv

csvproc '$name = uc $name' <in.csv >out.csv
csvproc -out id,name,date 'fix_date($date)' <in.csv >out.csv
csvproc -filter '$name = lc $name; $salary >= 1e6;' <in.csv >out.csv

how to use dbicsv:

Usage: dbicsv [options] sql-query [param ...]

Runs an SQL query, returns CSV data.

  option   description            default

  -dbms ?  DBMS, determines DSN   $DB_DBMS || InterBase
  -dsn ?   DBI data source name   $DB_DSN || (from DBMS)
  -db ?    database name          $DB_NAME
  -user ?  database user          $DB_USER || $ISC_USER || "sysdba"
  -pass ?  database password      $DB_PASS || $ISC_PASSWORD || "sysdba"
  -host ?  database hostname      $DB_HOST
  -port ?  database port          $DB_PORT

  -in      input data from stdin  $DB_IN
  -head ?  column head = -|O|I|IO $DB_HEAD || IO

  -debug   show more info         $DB_DEBUG
  -help    show this message

how to use csvproc:

Usage: csvproc [options] mapping

Process CSV data with a small perl program.

  option   description

  -filter             filter lines, mapping returns boolean
  -out a,b            output fields a, b (can declare new fields)
  -help               show this message
  -debug              show debug info including the generated perl code

utility function examples:

  zero_pad($Var, 4);
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Grimm’s Household Tales, Happy Pirate Plain Text Edition

Grimm’s Household Tales, Happy Pirate Plain Text Edition – http://sam.nipl.net/grimm/
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Vote Sam for Supreme Dictator, #1: public transport

Vote Sam for Supreme Dictator Emperor, policy #1…

public transport reform:

– it is free to use
– funded by donation on vehicles, online, at stations
– funded by tax if necessary (public transport levy)
– conductors: to help people, keep the peace, prevent job loss
– random spot checks to stop tax cheats, if necessary

– technically simple, efficient: get rid of myki, gates, ticket police
– reduces the cost of providing public transport service
– more people will want to use public transport
– can provide more and better public transport services
– this will help the environment

As supreme dictator, I will get rid of trams, and add buses:

– buses are more accessible for people in wheelchairs
– trams travel in the right lane, and all traffic must stop when they stop
– if a tram breaks down, it blocks the whole tram line
– buses are more flexible, can go around road work
– trams are quaint, but basically act as mobile speed bumps
– waiting for trams contributes to global warming and road rage
– we could replace trams with solar buses like this one in Adelaide

[ Of course, I’m not too serious about being supreme dictator of Australia,
but I am serious about my policy suggestions for our public transport ]

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** What they’re doing to Julian Assange should terrify us all **

** What they’re doing to Julian Assange should terrify us all. **

http://aiki.nipl.net/assange <- GetUp Petition: Free Julian Assange

The WikiLeaks guy needs our help, now… Sign the Petition ! 🙂

1. sign the petition
2. share this
3. watch the interview

http://aiki.nipl.net/justice <- GetUp interviews Julian Assange

Wanted: for peddling pornography of naked emperors banging the absolute hell out of Lady Justice.

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riots? I think not

We’ve learned that the police force in Australia will obstruct, aggravate and pepper-spray otherwise peaceful protesters; and that many intellectually challenged people including our prime minister will be quick to side with the mass-media in racism and religious intolerance.

I propose a new Australian citizenship test, which will detect racial and religious hatred. All Australians are required to take the test. The many Australians who will fail, will be exported to off-shore concentration camps pending reevaluation – some time in the next 50 years. We will then have much more space for peaceful immigrants, and refugees. For example, we can assist refugees from the many unjust wars that Australia has waged while it was controlled by racist war-criminals.

Additionally, children will be encouraged and required to dob in their racist parents to big brother, for off-shore re-education. Internet trolls and public figures can similarly be reported, by right-thinking citizens. We can start by shipping off our prime minister, and major media personalities.

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iControlPad 2 – the open source controller

iControlPad 2 – the open source controller

Come support this new project from the Open Pandora crew.

I am working on a website pandoria.org, about the Open Pandora.
The iCP2 will help to fund and develop the Pandora 2.

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easy donation schedule

easy donation schedule

I finally created a free software “donation and thanks” schedule for myself, using free tools!

Here is my schedule:  sam.nipl.net/thx.  I’m sure I missed some projects.

here’s the process:

  1. write down a list of projects to support
  2. can double up on the most important projects (Debian)
  3. shuffle the list, I used my shuffle; or try /usr/bin/shuf
  4. put dates at the front, I used: uthx_dates 2 weeks
  5. make a donation of whatever amount when it comes due!
  6. can add new projects at the end, or insert somewhere random

Normal people like you could use a spreadsheet for this, or should I say “less abnormal”?

It’s an idea I had a long time ago, but was to lazy and tight to do it until now.  There are too many projects it’s not practical to make a $2 donation to each project each month, so it needs to be organised somehow.  The random shuffle is to make it fair and even, in case other people would do a similar thing.  This is a much simplified version of my first grandiose and unfulfilled plan for this!  I’d like to make a web-app to help with this simple approach for supporting free software.

As I’m a developer, I intend to add more libraries and such to my list.

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