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Chrome memory abuse, and “swap space” rant

I like the Chrome browser, but the memory usage is fscking ridiculous. I have a slightly older computer at work, if I open 4 or more tabs in Chrome the computer will grind to a halt, and I gotta wait … Continue reading

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How to Divide by Zero: a/0 = b ⟺ a = 0

TLDR: Division by zero is not as scary as it’s made out to be: a/0 = b ⟺ a = 0 Division is multiplication, backwards. These two equations are exactly equivalent, by definition: a/c = b a = b×c It’s easy to … Continue reading

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error handling in C

I started writing a set of error handler macros for C, based on “Zed’s Awesome Debug Macros” The implementation is quite ugly, and depends on a couple of GNU extensions.  This is not ideal, and I would like to improve it … Continue reading

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